Monday, May 04, 2015

10 day share about self-publishing - Day #1

I've been celebrating the success of "Reflection and Sparks", and thought I'd post about it for the next 10 days here on my blog. 

It's always fun to celebrate when our work gets published. Unfortunately, not everything we submit fits with every publication we pursue.

Unless we go through the process of publishing ourselves.

I admire many artists and writers. (Right now I'm into the work of Austin Kleon.)

After seeing the art or reading the stories and essays of artists I admire online, poof! it's gone and becomes hard to find again. A book or magazine stays on a shelf or table. Always on hand to revisit and enjoy.

My goal for having my art published comes from the idea that I want to share it with others, not keep it hidden in my studio. (Austin Kleon titled his book, "Show Your Work".  I think he hit the nail on the head!)


Submitting work can be daunting. 

Receiving rejection notices may prevent us from being creative because we might think we are not good enough. Hardly the reason we get rejected.

There can be so many reasons that have little to do with us personally. 

While I continue to submit to all the fabulous publishers (and get rejected more than I like to admit), I decided that self publishing gives me another option to share my art and connect with other artists and writers. 

Many tools and online marketing sites were not available a short while ago. 

I'm all about learning new tricks. 

When one door closes, come in through the window! 

Self- publishing is that "window". 

I'd love for you to have a copy (print or digital) of my e-digest. You can click here or click on the red Magcloud button below.

         Reflection & Sparks, vol. 2      

                     Reflection & Sparks, vol. 2                  

         By Sharon Hendry                    
         20 pages, published 4/14/2015        
       The process of writing, painting and collaging has helped Sharon get to the root of her creativity but her intention to share the work goes beyond self expression. Her vision for this second issue of Reflerction & Sparks is to ignite a connective link between artists and writers. She puts out a "call for submissions" on social media for contributors. The words and images are meant to inspire others to create their own visual and verbal stories.      
                 Find out more on MagCloud              

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