Monday, October 20, 2014

Inspiration (part 2): Karen Walrond

Isn't it great when you get to know someone on the internet and then you have the opportunity to meet them and be a part of their workshop? Last weekend I attended Limelight Sessions with Karen Walrond. (aka Chookooloonks).
We spent 2 days journaling and collaging as we dug deep to uncover our desires, ambitions, beliefs and strengths. 

The word that I chose to summarize my intention was "connect". I want to be able to connect on all kinds of levels with all kinds of men, women and young adults
(click pic to enlarge)
I made this collage to include the icons for social media (top left) because that is how I connect digitally. The (left) central image shows a woman holding her camera. I just love my new camera and I never go anywhere without it!  Below the text "Be An Inspiration", the smaller type reads, "learn something - walk the walk, - teach it - talk the talk."  I have a desire to teach more workshops and retreats once I retire from teaching at Houston Community College. The image on the right is how I feel when I am relaxed and care-free. The small type on the bottom right reads "take time to establish a solid connection with the present."

When all was said and done, I jotted down my mini manifesto. It is a work in progress:

This is what I value.
This is what lights me up.
This is what I stand for.
This is what helps me make choices.

I invite you to come along with me on my path!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Inspiration (part 1): Joanna Powell Colbert

I was introduced to tarot cards many years ago while I was a hippie chic in Santa Fe. I had the pleasure of getting a reading from a man named, Edward who was a mediation teacher. Back in 1977 this was all new to me but it started the metaphysical journey that I still travel today.

I've collected many tarot decks and have read a lot about the tarot. I've been known to read for friends, but mostly I find that the cards help me with intuitive guidance.

Many moons ago , I came upon a magazine called "Sage Woman" and discovered artwork by Joanna Powell Colbert. She had a blog and shared the process of illustrating her own tarot deck.

Because of the internet, I have been following Joanna and wished I could someday go to Washington and attend one of the retreats she host. (I still want to do this!). But as luck would have it, or more like magic, Joanna was in Houston and I had the chance to finally meet her as well as 23 other amazing women who share tarot and goddess enchantment. Our workshop was held at the Green Planet Sanctuary, a place I didn't even know existed until yesterday!

What a joy it was to gather with these women, share stories, dance, walk the labyrinth and make Ojo de Diosas.

I came away renewed and inspired. I have been teaching small workshops in the area and this has made me realize that I want to spread my wings and invite more opportunities to meet with other women (and men, too!) who want to explore creativity, illustration techniques, art quilts, art journaling and tarot.

….stay tuned! 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

My Art Journal Page

Art Journal or Collage?

Some artists call their collages journal pages but I consider a mixed media (art) work a journal page only if it includes some personal writing (and not just a quote). For what it's worth, my art journal pages are not necessarily finished illustrations or collages, though they can be. 

I created this page in my art journal. It says: "I write down my feelings and paint over them."

There has been an interest in art journaling and I share my journaling techniques in a workshop I teach. You don't have to be a writer or an artist to benefit from keeping a visual journal.

If you click the "teaching" tab below my blog banner, you will see photos from workshops/classes I teach and how you can contact me if you'd like to know more information.

Stay tuned. I will be sharing more about my art journal pages here on my blog.

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