Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Week of Hearts is coming!

There's 2 ways you can sign up to get the template and tips for creating stitched hearts for Valentine's Day. There's a link in the side panel that mentions subscribing for personal messages/special offers, or you can click HERE.

Beginning February 1st, I am posting a heart a day for a week. I make them from scraps of fabric, lace and ribbon. They are easily attached to a blank card to send for valentines or you can pin them to a sweater or jacket. 

I invite you to gather your supplies and join me.

9 days from today....

Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Return of the "Week of Hearts"

Last February I posted a fabric collaged heart every day for a week. I thought I'd bring it back this year and invite you to make your own hearts. Find scraps of material, lace, buttons and ribbons ~ needle & threads. Then, you'll have a nice element to attach to a blank card and send for Valentine's Day. So gather your supplies and meet me back here on February 1st (if not sooner!)

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A new look for a new year

Time to update my avatar. New hat, new glasses and fiddle with the picture in photoshop™. Once I had my "selfie", I posterized the image.  Then,  I copy and pasted art from the cover of my Reflection&Sparks* e-digest into the background. Ta-da!

If you are interested in having an avatar design like this I can create it for you! All that is required is a clear photo of yourself and for a small fee, I can provide  you with your personal graphic avatar. Email me at ArtL8dY-at-yahoo-dot-com and I can give you all the details.

What? you don't know about my Reflection & Sparks* e-digest?? Let's fix that because volume 2 is in the works and you might be interested in contributing! Stay tuned for more info….

*I'd like to share my creative process with you. My 20 page e-digest called "Refection&Sparks" is filled with pages from my art journal. The artwork is meant to inspire others to take a blank sketchbook and fill it with their own "reflection and spark" ideas. Step by step instructions are provided. No artistic experience necessary, just a strong desire create with words and images.

To order a copy (digital or print) Click here. 

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