Sunday, March 15, 2015

Letting go of perfection

There are plenty of artists/coaches who offer classes and tutorials to convince us that we are creative. I make no claim to try and persuade anyone of this because I believe that we are born into this world with creativity programmed into us.  As children we expressed ourselves freely until judgements and criticism interfered with self expression, curiosity and play. 

If I wait for the perfect time to do something I really want to do, or the perfect way to make something I want to make, or the perfect blog post I want to share, I'd be waiting a l-o-n-g time.

My time is spent with as many people that I can meet who are willing to let go of perfection and just allow themselves to show up and make something. Not just visual art either. Make delicious food, music, poetry, stories, clothes, gardens… on and on. 

So now I'm about to finish volume 2 of Reflection & Sparks. I just have to create the art for the cover. I am so grateful for the writers who showed up. They bravely sent in poems, prose and stories without knowing if the finished 20 page e-digest will be "perfect".  And, it probably won't be, but I hope you stay tuned and enjoy what we've put together for you. (Maybe you'll think about being a part of volume 3)

I'll be back at e14studio after Spring Break. In the meantime, let go if you're hanging on to perfection and it's keeping you from doing stuff.


There's still plenty of copies of the premier Reflection & Sparks at MagCloud. Here's the link


fg said...

Thanks for the good reminder. I started a watercolor class recently. My past experience was with oil paints years ago. I was thinking about stopping watercolor because I was frustrated by my struggles to "get it right." Your post is encouraging me to keep trying.

ArtL8dY said...

I am so glad you took the time to comment. It encourages me to share more on my blog than just artwork! Let me know how the watercolors are coming!