Monday, October 20, 2014

Inspiration (part 2): Karen Walrond

Isn't it great when you get to know someone on the internet and then you have the opportunity to meet them and be a part of their workshop? Last weekend I attended Limelight Sessions with Karen Walrond. (aka Chookooloonks).
We spent 2 days journaling and collaging as we dug deep to uncover our desires, ambitions, beliefs and strengths. 

The word that I chose to summarize my intention was "connect". I want to be able to connect on all kinds of levels with all kinds of men, women and young adults
(click pic to enlarge)
I made this collage to include the icons for social media (top left) because that is how I connect digitally. The (left) central image shows a woman holding her camera. I just love my new camera and I never go anywhere without it!  Below the text "Be An Inspiration", the smaller type reads, "learn something - walk the walk, - teach it - talk the talk."  I have a desire to teach more workshops and retreats once I retire from teaching at Houston Community College. The image on the right is how I feel when I am relaxed and care-free. The small type on the bottom right reads "take time to establish a solid connection with the present."

When all was said and done, I jotted down my mini manifesto. It is a work in progress:

This is what I value.
This is what lights me up.
This is what I stand for.
This is what helps me make choices.

I invite you to come along with me on my path!

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