Thursday, October 10, 2013

Visual Note Taking - A How-To explanation

Today I'm sharing what actually evolved on the page as I was doing this sketchnote.

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Basic supplies: paper, pencil & eraser

This one was done in a composition book. I always use a pencil, just a standard #2 with a sharp point. I also use a kneaded eraser so I can make modifications to the notes as I listen and sketch.


I begin with the name or topic and this one gave me a fun visual because the person who I was listening to was named Gwen Fox so I drew a fox! She is a prolific artist who lives in my dream location, New Mexico, and coaches other artist like me. This was a online call providing an overview of her coaching tips and a plug to get artists to sign up for more sessions.
(Though I did not sign up at this time because I've got a lot going on, my sketchnotes will be a reminder that when the time is right, I can make it happen.)

Ready, Set, Go

So she is talking and I am listening and the first statement that I resonate with is about money.  I wrote down a phrase she said and included the dollar sign for emphasis and surrounded the words with a linear border as she was describing money to be like energy ~ flowing.

There are a few "stick people" in my sketches. One is drawn with a plus sign on it to remind myself to hang out with positive people (if I can help it!).  Another shows a figure holding a mirror because Gwen provided substantial reasons why an artist needs to put themselves in their work. Not only that, our actions mirror our image of ourselves.

Combination of symbols and letters

When listening to a lecture or  demonstration, it helps to list and summarize points that the speaker touched on. Jotting in graphic symbols like checkmarks and squares, helps me to identify key topics.

Arrows are helpful when I want to connect meaning from separate ideas.

Letters can be different styles in order to give separate subjects attention~ scripted, printed, outlined .

There you have it!

The speaker shared a lot of good advice in her one hour talk. I was able to  highlight most of it on a single page.There are reminders about marketing, subject matter and injecting your own personal style. I can put it all into practice with this visual reminder in my notebook.

Here's the thing: You can't get it wrong! 

All in all, I hope this gives you some idea how my visual note taking evolves and that you are ready to try making sketchnotes for yourself. 

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