Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gotta have color… adding color to sketchnotes

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Now the fun part ~ Color 

Couldn't help myself
While listening to a conference call during an online class about creativity, I doodled my sketchnotes as I usually do (see previous post). Not all pages lend themselves to colors but this one certainly did so when I was finished I got out the radiograph pen & water soluble colored pencils.

Sometimes it's just a word & I get an idea
On this page (which I've shared here before), I started with the word "transformation" & wrote it out in a spiraling shape coming from a globe image. The globe represented all the participants who were able to communicate during the call and share their wisdom and challenges. I even drew in a phone with lines representing signals. It was at that moment  I knew I had to color this page when I was done because I wanted those lines to represent the energy of the call.

Raise your hand
There are a series of hands drawn at the bottom and I wrote in the names of the callers who volunteered to talk. When you have a lot of people participating in a conversation and workshop, I think it's important to remember names so I always write down names when I'm part of a group. 

One thing leads to another
I'll let the sketchnote speak for itself rather than explain it literally but what I'm finding is that the process of listening and taking visual notes has opened up new possibilities for my artwork. 

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