Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's my 7 year Blog-a-versary

Once upon a time… well, exactly 7 years ago today, in fact… yours truly decided to start a blog. Though my true intention was to get discovered and become a famous illustrator, I was happy just sharing my day to day creative inspirations and art projects. I show up most days and share whatever creative idea I have going on. Sometimes it gets a little lonely here because I'm not selling anything or promoting classes so there's not a whole lot of traffic. Mostly it's just me and a few of my friends. Well, mostly it's just me. So far I have 516 postings. Anyway, I just want to thank anyone who is reading this for stopping by e14studio and taking a moment to see what I've been creating and I do invite you back because even though I haven't become famous, I'm enjoying myself immensely!

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Claire said...

Hello :) I just thought I would leave you a message, since you wrote such a lovely post. Congrats on your anniversary, and its so nice to see a blog of a persons creative journey, rather than them throwing classes/sales/books/babies at you. I'm going to follow you on Twitter if thats alright? I'm under Paper Patter (just in case you wonder!)

Wrenaissance Art said...

Congrats on your blog-a-versary! :-)
I've enjoyed reading about your different projects and explorations with different techniques and media.
Looking forward to seeing more!