Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All My Yoga Friends

I miss my yoga buddies!
• I hear Catherine's voice, "It's all good!", "Just let go!"
• I can hear Alexis's laugh
• I see Patty across the room assuring me, "It's coming!"
• I remember Susan W. and how she challenged herself to get up on the "bridge" pose. She didn't give up. (it's my hardest pose!)
• I feel Susan Scotty's enthusiasm and longing
• I hear Valerie's guitar playing and singing to the Stevie Wonder song
• I see the smile and light that shines from Jenny
• I feel the rythm of the drums that Bobbi played
• I laugh at the wit from Susan's "yoga pie" poem and I'm grateful she shared it with us.
• I'm amused at the humor that Linda and ElMatha shared and now I will always believe that the moon is closer than Florida!
• I'll cherish Linda's energy for healing and sharing that energy.
• I'll remember the sweet sound of Kit's flute
• I'll remember colorful Judith who was always smiling.
• Most of all, I met up with my husband again and enjoyed all the support that came his way by all these wonderful women and how I finally gave myself permission not to worry about him. It doesn't help him or me!

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