Tuesday, January 16, 2007

O'Keeffe as Photographer

I don't know who took the picture of O'Keeffe that I used as a reference for this drawing. I had torn the image from a Texas Monthly magazine and I cropped all the information except that it was part of an ad for Austin Museum of Art in 1998. What I find intriguing about this picture is that it shows her as a photographer. O'Keeffe is so well known for her paintings of flowers and the Southwest taken from observation. Not much is written about her using photographs as reference for her artwork. As the wife of the famous photographer, Alfred Steiglitz, much is published about the photos he took of her and how they composed their works similarly; hers in paint, while his on film. She was nearly 60 when he died and then went on to live another 40 years.

As for my drawing progress, I am going to continue with more O'Keeffe inspired drawings. I finally found something that holds my interest and challenges me artistically. I don't know where it will take me. I've considered portraits of others and may take on other subjects once I feel I have exhausted all my O'Keeffe portraits.

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Norah's said...

Your O'Keeffe drawings are so wonderful. The fact that you loose yourself in it shows. The are beautiful. Don't stop.