Saturday, January 13, 2007

The 5th finished drawing of O'Keeffe

Many of us stay busy inventing reasons not to create - we explain, whine and will not work because we are terrified of doing so. She was impatient with this. You do not wait for the perfect setting and mood to be artistic, you seize and breathe your air, lay guiltless unequivocal claim to the light, the space, the aloneness.

This is something about O'Keeffe that I wrote in a journal but I do not know where it came from. These words are a reminder that taking time to be creative requires boldness. Are you there yet?


sddonlon said...

Hi Sharon,
Regarding you question about "boldness"... no, I haven't gotten there yet. But one thing I do know about myself, is that when I'm frustrated with a painting, at a point where I don't know WHAT to do, I say to myself "Oh, what the hell?". That somehow releases all my concern about what I'm doing, and I'm not so precious about my work. And the important thing is, the work usually turns out even better that I thought I could do! :)
Have fun, and let go!!

littlemithi said...

Hi Sharon,
I have a list of blogs I bookmark and come back to regularly - and like you said, its because they are "interesting" to me (just becuase I like it doesn't mean everyone else does too!). They are mostly art/sketchblogs, with people doing things in a style that appeals to me, and some which are designers/artists who list their influences and inspirations - they too tend to be ones whose work I like and therefore link to other people whose stuff I'm quite likely to find inspiring. I follow very few personal blogs. Mostly my sister and a few friends who are on the far flung corners of the world - its the only way really to keep in touch with whats going on in their lives.