Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paper Casting Results

I thought I'd share the results of an art experiment I never would have tried if I hadn't read about it on Michelle Ward's blog.

I have this Mary statue that I like alot because of the peaceful expression on her face so I made a mold of it using polymer clay. I also used a foam stamp from Michael's for the swirly motif paper cast. I'll probably apply gesso and paint but I'm afraid I might mess them up. If so, I can always make another paper cast. If you'd like to experiment with paper casting, here's the link to Michelle's blog. Thanks, Michelle!


michelle said...

Sharon - there are terrific! Now you gotta make alot more so you experiment with paint on them. Thanks for sharing that you tried it - nice to know my blog is being read!

get zapped said...

How cool! These casts are beautiful and serene. Thanks for sharing these and the link. Look forward to more experiments.