Sunday, November 05, 2006

Did I mention there was a Quilt Show in Houston?

I'm so glad that I didn't have to travel to get to an event. I was able to take in the Houston Quilt Show at a leisure pace and retreat back to the studio afterwards and play around while the ideas were still fresh in my head.

The magazine, Cloth, Paper Scissors had a huge area where they displayed artistic samples and sold their publications. Across from their booth, was an area roped off for the Make It University. Through a lottery, names were drawn for entry to the workshops. My plan of action was to sign up for one of their workshops first and then wander around until the time they were drawing names for the class. So I signed up to make Artgirlz Queen Pin and later my name was drawn. Yay!

Those Artgirlz really have some cool stuff and they are such nice ladies to chat with. Of course I wanted one of everything in their booth but lucky for me because they included a kit in the workshop.

Later, back in the studio, I got out my bead soup. (a bowl of my beads left-over from previos projects in all shapes, colors and sizes) and my button jar. I made one of the "Festive Bracelets" featured in another workshop by those talented Artgirlz. Though I didn't get in that workshop, I saw samples. You can see them too by clicking here.

All this, and still there was another day to go back and see the rest of the show... Stay tuned for more inspiring details including some of my pictures.

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Norah's said...

We may have bumped into each other except I was there on Thursday.
You are so lucky, living right there. I could easily spend 3 days just looking.
Sharon @ Norah'S