Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did I mention there was a Quilt Show in Houston? (part 2)

What I saw at the quilt show inspires my multi-media work including the digital arts that I teach. I know I'll be doing more images like this using one of my art quilts as a base. I started with a photo of a quilt and added more photos by masking through the pieces of the original image. I did this in a hurry, so it's not as re-fined as I'd like. I wish I wrote down the name of the quilter who made the original work that I used as a format so I could give her credit.

Congratulations to my talented friend, Tish Reed who won 2nd place in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors challenge of Surviving the Runway with her embellished house.

So what was my favorite new thing that I bought at the show? (I wish I bought more). It was the bias tape that is faux chenille. I've been trimming jean shirts, jackets and blouses and have already gone to their website to buy more. You sew the bias strips to your garment or quilt and wash it or wet the tape and it unravels to look like chenille trim. Here is the link.

And now for my "what was I thinking" purchase. It was for a packet with instructions to make a tote bag. I thought there was a pattern inside but it was just 5 pages of instructions and dimensions for cutting the pieces. I paid $9 for 10 pages of notes. If only they included an embellishment or some trim; it might have been less of a disappointment, I won't say who sold me that bag of goods!

All in all I overspent but it's only once a year and I have lots of ideas for future projects that include fabric and embellishments. And, who knows, I guess I'll be making a new tote bag at some point to carry all my stuff in next year!


Anonymous said...

Do you think we could ever see everything?! Never knew there could be so much STUFF under one roof!
I also bought a tote bag pattern, but mine had an actual pattern to cut out.
So much fun.

Shoshana said...

There are so many beautiful quilts. I am almost sorry I missed a quilt show, but I am not sure I'd have been allowed in because I don't even know the first thing about quilts.

Just want to say that I did see that house...it's cute!

Susan said...

I totally overspent too.. but I didn't get a bag of goods...

I really like what you did with this digital image!

I don't know what my "regret" is yet.. I had to leave 2 days later for another convention...