Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Aunt Pearl's Sewing Machine

Aunt Pearl's Sewing Machine, originally uploaded by e14studio.

My mother's cedar hope chest, my grandmother's rocking chair, Aunt Lottie's lamps and now I have Aunt Pearl's sewing machine. These are my family's treasures that are here in my house in Texas.

My mom owned a sewing machine but I never saw her use it and when I tried to sew with it, I couldn't figure out how to fit the bobbin in correctly. When I was little, I'd spend weekends at My Aunt Pearl's and learned how to sew the basics on her machine.

Fast forward about 40 years... Aunt Pearl is moving. At 91, she won't be doing much sewing anymore. So when I heard my mom say someone might be getting the machine, I knew I had to ask if that someone could be me. Aunt Pearl was delighted that I wanted her sewing machine.

I arranged to have the machine transported from New York to Texas and it arrived this weekend. I set it up and it runs great. I experienced déja vu! If it weren't for those weekends with my aunt, I don't think I would be making fabric art today.

Thank you, Aunt Pearl!!!!

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kerrip said...

Hi Sharon,
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I love your rendition of Aunt Pearl's sewing machine, with those colorful thread spools to the left. Makes me want to reach out and touch them. I also love Aunt Pearl's altered fabric book. Among my treasures from Dambi (and her sister - Aunt Viola), I have a stack of hankies that I can now see would make a wonderful journal. Great site. I'll be visiting again!