Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jose's Page

As the year winds down, I wanted to share a review of 2014's happiest accomplishments (as far as my artistic pursuits).

To begin, I am most happy about my e-digest, Reflection and Sparks. It all came together as a result of being asked to share my art journals with the SAQA group in Houston. (Studio Artists Quilt Association). I had been keeping art journals but hadn't given much thought to describing my process or formulating a tutorial. At the same time I was teaching a class at Houston Community College called Illustration Techniques."

What I want to share with my blog readers now is the art that one of my student's created after he saw my Reflection and Sparks artwork and followed the tutorial instructions I provided.

This is Jose Ramirez's  Page

He told me that  it was about how he felt after meeting his father for lunch that afternoon. He said that creating the page in an art journal gave him a lot of satisfaction and he was proud of  it.

I wanted to share Jose's  art with you and encourage you to explore art journaling. You can find out more about the creative process I taught  Jose and all my students by getting a copy of Reflection and Sparks. You can order a printed copy or a digital file.

In the meantime, I will be sharing more of my own Reflection and Sparks in volume 2 in 2015.

It is my hope that others will share their art pages as well.

I'd like to share my creative process with you. My 20 page e-digest called "Refection & Sparks" is filled with pages from my art journal. The artwork is meant to inspire others to take a blank sketchbook and fill it with their own "reflection and spark" ideas. Step by step instructions are provided. No artistic experience necessary, just a strong desire create with words and images.

To order a copy (digital or print) Click here. 

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