Thursday, November 21, 2013

Notes on “not taking off”

I have an amazing friend who wanted to give me a gift today. She knew that I wanted to ride in a plane around Texas and she tried her best to make it happen. We had the plane and the pilot but it didn’t happen. Couldn’t predict the weather.

Was I bummed? Not at all! I’m so fortunate to have a friend like her who would even consider trying to set this up. I think she was more disappointed than me when the weather didn’t clear up. (Of course, I did give her a hard time about keeping all the details secret and I was really crabby when I had to get up early today.) 

Lately, I’ve been in a holding pattern and that’s OK. I know that I want to go further with my art and my ability to write about it, teach and market it.  But I know that I can still stay grounded in what I’m doing at the present moment. I have to trust my instinct and the universe that things will happen like they are supposed to and not try to fly before my time.

…just sayin

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Tamara Hampton said...

I needed to hear that today. Ive been frustrated too...