Saturday, March 23, 2013


I took a week off to stay on the island (Galveston). It actually took a day to unwind and release from the everyday routine I'm used to. Living in Houston is very stimulating, but it can get overwhelming. The key is to know when to step away and recharge. So the plan was to have no plan. What a relief! By the third day I was drawn to the architecture on the island. You can get a great sense of history just by wandering around and looking at the buildings and homes that have been preserved and restored.

 I snapped some pictures

 and drew in my sketchbook
I wanted to capture the timelessness of the place.

(more to come, stay tuned.....)

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(creativeoasiscoach) said...

A solitary respite sounds heavenly. I was just in Galveston a few weeks ago with a wonderful group of girlfriends and the idea of returning and soaking in more of the quaint historic downtown area and long beach walks makes me swoon! You may want to visit the Mosquito Cafe while you're there. Delicious food and drink! Enjoy your time soaking it all in and thanks for sharing.