Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting ready for Houston Quilt Festival

(let me know if you can't view the slideshow!)

Welcome to my corner of creativity!

The Houston International Quilt Festival is in 2 weeks and lucky me because i signed up for workshops. (see blog post from July 24, 2011). As I was organizing my corner and pulling out my stash and half finished projects, I decided to put it all together in book form. I will use this book at the festival for taking notes. Inside the front and back cover are pockets for tickets and cards I collect. I randomly glued swatches of my favorite fabrics in the book because when I shop at the market I forget what I already have and need ideas for fabrics to go with what I already own.

I included shots from my studio space so you can see how it looks while I'm working on a project. Notice the storage unit next to the sewing machine. I won it at an auction. It's completely hand-made and fits perfectly in the corner. As you can see I still have to organize it because it looks like it exploded.

Since this event is the big kahoona for me (always inspiring and motivating), I'll be updating my blog and sharing my ideas and experiences.

Click for link to past posts about the festival.

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Wrenaissance Art said...

That book looks very festive!
I like the idea of taking some fabric scraps along for matching colors while shopping. Color memory is so tricky sometimes.