Sunday, July 24, 2011


Let me tell you the story of how this art cloth titled "Faith" has come about.

The Houston Quilt Festival catalogue recently turned up in my mailbox and I was trying to decide which workshops to take in November. I narrowed down my choices to two instructors, Pam Holland and Jane LaFazio.

I visit their blogs frequently to check in on what they've got going on.

Jane's Recycled Circles and Pam's crosses seen in New Mexico inspired me and I remembered a drawing I posted here before.

Often times, my drawings get put on the shelf or left in sketchbooks and I forget about them or where I've put them. (One of the benefits of blogging is that there is a visual and virtual record of what you've created that can be easily referenced.)

So I took out my basket of stash fabric and stitched "Faith". Now that's finished, I think it would make a good journal cover. I just have to get busy on the rest of the journal!


Andrea "Andi" Little said...

wow!!! it is so beautiful! you did a great job recreating that in fabric!!!

Wrenaissance Art said...

What a beautiful piece. The yarn and fabric of the cross give a real feeling of old, splintery wood.