Friday, December 10, 2010

A Holiday Thought Cloth

Jude Hill over at Spiritcloth Blog has inspired me with her Holiday Cloth.

I began by sorting through my fabric stash and chose patterns with green and gold colors. I stitched the background fabrics into place and added a shimmery green sheer on top before stitching some of the leave patterns with gold & teal thread.

If you saw the cloth on my previous blog post, you've noticed that I used a tree shape as a focal image.

It just so happens my most recent purchase was holiday fabric with a variety of tree patterns. When I played around with where to put them, I changed my cloth to a horizontal format instead of a vertical so I could fit the trees off center on the right.

I finished off the piece by diluting some gold fabric paint and dusting the trees with glitter. (The shimmer of the cloth doesn't show up well in a photograph)

1 comment:

Patty said...

I love seeing what my fellow Spirit
Cloth students make when inspired by
Jude's tutorials. My fingers are itching to make something and soon the tables will be clear for that.

Lovely group of little trees!