Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quilting 101

Here is a sampler from the quilt class I took yesterday. It's a 4 block 9 patch piece. If you've been following my blog, you know that I have worked with fabric many times. I've also been deeply inspired by the International Quilt Show here in Houston. I decided it's time I sat down and learned the "right" way to sew the patchwork for the quilt. Up until now, I have made small pieces (art quilts) using the raw edge technique. (Click here for link)

The class was taught by Michelle and she began by showing us her quilts. Let me just say that she won a prestigious award for her first quilt and deservedly so. It was quite exquisite. She also showed a quilt made of vintage material that I ooohed and ahhhed over.

I forgot my camera (it was on my list!), so I asked Myla, who I just met, to share her pictures. (Click here for link) Myla brought t-shirts that were her friend's and she wanted to make a quilt to honor her memory. Her friend was killed by a drunk driver.

And so the stories began... we all shared our individual stories relating to quilts and the reason we wanted to make them. Donna enjoyed making baby quilts and giving them to her family. Jenny's grandmother left her an heirloom and she wanted to repair it. My story was about my sewing experiences with Aunt Pearl, which I mentioned here on my blog before. (Click here for link)

The time we spent flew by as we pieced our fabric and shared bits about our lives! Michelle was patient and helpful. I only hope that we can meet again to show off our finished works.

I know I'm going back in March to practice the quilt stitch that binds the layers together.

When I came home I pulled out a torn and tattered flannel shirt that my father once wore. I can't wear it anymore, but now I know it will be sewn into my first authentic quilt.

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