Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where's the paintings, drawings and collage stuff?

In case you were wondering what's gotten into me lately and why I am posting art quilts instead of the usual mixed media art, I thought I'd explain. First off, since I got AP's machine, it's been nothing but a joy ride using it. I had it re-wired, oiled and cleaned and it runs like a porche (if porche made sewing machines). And the other deal is that it's coming on Quilt Show time in Houston. Since going two years past, I saw that quilting isn't what I thought it was. I am looking forward to this years show and wanted to get an idea of where I was headed with art quilts. If I don't give myself practice projects, I'm liable to over spend at the Quilt Show. After making a few of my own art quilts, I'll have a better idea what to stock up on. I've always found it's better to stock up on supplies when you have a project in mind for them rather than buy a bunch of supplies thinking you'll use them sooner or later and you don't. Anyway, I have something almost finished now, but tonihgt's Project Runway and I'll be glued to the tv!

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