Tuesday, June 03, 2008

1st Bling Thing

As a mixed-media artist, my work tends to be all over the place simply because I use different materials and techniques. As I was playing around (and that's what art is to me ~ playing), I wrote in my journal about the process.

At first I questioned, "what have I got myself into thinking I could make something with scraps of junk jewelry that nobody wanted anymore?". My intention is to develop pieces with a common theme so I looked around and found this box of junk jewelry and said, "Go with it!"

The hardest part for me is to begin. Once I start, I can move fluidly through the process. Discoveries pop up along the way. I never begin a piece for a particular consumer of art. If it so happens that someone might actually want to own my art, it would be a happy coincidence. I just don't set out to make art pieces for decoration.

So it's the joy in the process that fuels my imagination. And, lastly, sharing it with others is always the funnest part!

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