Thursday, June 05, 2008

2nd Bling Thing

I deconstructed a pair of earings for smalll rhinestones that I attached to the fabric. My choice of fabric came from another thrift store purchase - a bold graphic printed blouse. A portion of the pattern repeated and I began with that detail for a border. Once I arranged the four edges and sewed the collage, I used the junky jewelry pieces on the repetitious shapes. Notice I have another grid composition forming ~ seems like I rely on that motif alot to keep my compositions from being chaotic. I wanted more elements besides rhinestones and fabric and looked to nature to provide accents to the border with sticks. I coated the sticks with varnish before I sewed them on. The last thing I needed for this Junky Jewelry collage was a focal point. Using nature as my inspiration, I experimented with various leaf elements until I found a pattern on another thrift store garment that seemed to fit perfectly and finish off my piece.

I've also been scanning these and editing them in Photoshop™, but that's another story!

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