Monday, September 17, 2007

My Doggie Angel

My beloved Josie left us yesterday. She was a remarkable dog and I miss her terribly. She had lots of spunk and personality. When I took her to a neighborhood party, she sat in a lawn chair; after that, she would only sit on a chair in the backyard she knew she was a princess and needed a throne!(click here) She wasn't fond of the car, so her world consisted of her backyard territory and the house. She liked to patrol the perimeter of the yard and we figured she had some border collie in her. She loved it when I blew bubbles and she'd leap up and bite them as they floated around her head. We enjoyed countless walks in the neighborhood park. She liked to chase squirrels and perch herself at the bottom of the tree when she chased it and bark up at it. One of her favorite activities was sneaking in the living room and finding tissues and napkins that we left on the coffee table and shredding them. We nicknamed her "The Shredder". When I picked her up from Petco after her bath, she'd prance and saunter around the store as if showing off her shiny mane. In the end I held her in my arms and burned sage around her. When I left her at the vet's I placed my prayer (mala) beads around her neck. I was with her until the end. I stayed strong until I got home and went to bed and she wasn't in her spot next to me. I cried until my head hurt and I couldn't breathe. I'll be OK, I know it was her time and we did all that could be done.


Deb H said...

I'm so sorry. I still miss my old dogs George & Bosco, & both have been gone for many years. My heart goes out to you.

Loretta said...

Oh, this is so sad to read. Thank you for sharing your own difficult parting with your sweet doggie. May they all be romping through the park, chasing all the squirrels - of course, would that make it be hell for squirrels and heaven for dogs?

Thinking of you!