Monday, February 20, 2006

Journal Entry #15

yoga, originally uploaded by e14studio.

It has taken me a couple of months to show up on the mat for yoga. I have been fortunate enough to have some great teachers and opportunities to attend classes but I quit going and then it was hard to go back. One day I took my mat out of the closet and found space in my living room to unroll it and leave it out. I thought if I just sat on my mat for fifteen minutes every morning, I'll get motivated to go to class. So I sat. That's all I could do. No stretches, no standing on my head, nothing but sitting in silence and breathing. After a couple of weeks of that, I finally made it back to class. It's the same way with making art, I suppose. I just make sure I have my stuff out on the table and sometimes I just go and sit in front of my piles of papers and paints. What's finally happening are these journal pages.

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Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

These colors, the dots and the quote just put me in a great mood. I have many days where I think I'm doing pretty well just to show up :)