Wednesday, July 20, 2005

this&that tags

this&that, originally uploaded by e14studio.

I've been gone so long, I don't know where to begin! I have about 60 projects in mind and yesterday I was worn out from my trip but I just had to get in the studio and make something! I decided to put those art magazines I read on the plane to use so I got out my Creative Memories™ double hole punch and punched 2 sizes of holes from pages in the magazine that were colorful. I glued them onto chip board and set eyelets, Next, I cut out words and letters so I could make tags that I can use in altered books and journals. Then the fun part... I wrapped craft wire around a thick marker for a circular shape and I placed in on my tag and poured Diamond Glaze™ into the circular wire for a dimensional clear glaze over the words. Why pay so much for those embellishments you find in craft stores when you can make your own?
If you try this technique for embellishments in your work, let me know how it works out!
I'll be downloading all the photos I took this summer and getting my pages ready. With so much subject matter, I chose "This and That" as my theme for my multi-media summer book. More to come.....


Sharon said...

Wow!! Usually I get about 5 or 10 hits a day on my blog. Yesterday I got over 250 with this posting!!! I plan to include more "how-to" entries in the near future. I'm making progress on my "This & That" book and there's lots to share. I'd love it if you bookmarked my blog and checked back again real soon.

Dawn said...

I love this idea! Now if I can just remember it long enough to actually buy a small circle punch and some diamond glaze. I'm not sure I'll be able to find the diamond glaze. Any ideas for something else that would work?