Monday, July 25, 2005

Ssshhh! I'm trying not to think!

meditate, originally uploaded by e14studio.

Why is it so hard to meditate? I really want to enjoy the benefits of sitting and emptying my mind of all the buzzing. No thoughts ~ Just breathing. I make many efforts to meditate and I must continue to sit and breath and tell my thoughts to go away so I can find my bliss. I've been told that even if I think I'm not "getting it", I'm getting "something". But, over and over my mind is churning and I have to tell myself to stop thinking, but even that in itself is a thought and leads me to what I was thinking so I could forget and then I'm back to thinking about it again.

But I'm not giving up. This is a big challenge for me and I'm not about to say, "I can't do it!". Instead, I'm going to ask myself "I wonder what my next thought will be?" until finally nothing comes. Like sitting by the lake and watching the boats. I wonder when the next boat will come and finally none show up. I'm just floating on the water alone. Will you join me?

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