Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Attention Publishers!

bookstart, originally uploaded by e14studio.

Does everybody (but me) have a book contract? I know it's a ton of work putting a book together and it takes a team of people to make it happen. Sometimes I think I should organize all my notes and images and send in a book proposal. Truth is I have some good ideas, but I'm not sure there's enough for an entire book. Though it's been awhile, I have had work published in magazines and I'm thinking that I should send off more of my ideas and get that ball rolling.

In the meantime… my book contract is one I made with myself! I want to have a book filled with summer ideas and inspirations. Here you have the picture of the "skeletal" form. I'm ready to start going into the pages and adding text, images and fabric. You get to see the pages as they progress so I'll post them here.

Enough for a real published book? We'll see. Never say never!

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