Monday, July 04, 2005

Fourth of July

flag, originally uploaded by e14studio.

No, I did not rip apart the American flag! I would never ever do such a thing. My father always taught me to respect the flag and what it stands for. I remember back to my college days when Dad came to my college dorm and saw that I used a flag as a curtain over my window. He made me take it down right then and there. I never saw him so red in the face and upset with me.

I found this flag in a very old cemetery in Texas. It was in a ditch, long detached from the tombstone of the veteran buried there. Maybe it was someone who fought and died for our country.

I post it today as a reminder of how fragile our nation is on this planet where war is a daily event and peace is just a promise. It saddens me that we loose sight of our peace efforts and become complacent when we read the ugly headlines.

Pray for peace today and be grateful if you live in a land of freedom. Don't ever take it for granted.

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