Thursday, June 09, 2005

Prayer Pouches

workinprogress, originally uploaded by e14studio.

I'm making prayer pouches. Each one is unique; each one is very specific. I finished only 2 so far and gave them to my La-La sisters. Inside of each pouch I sew in a hand written prayer and anything else that inspires me or supports my intention. For the La-La's I attached a tiny bottle filled with water from a spring obtained while I was in Ireland at St. Brigit's shrine.

I'm not interested in marketing these but I would like to share them with others. I will make them for whatever donation or exchange seems appropriate. If you are interested in a prayer pouch let me know.

Remember, that with prayer, and the magic of sustained focus, all things are possible.


Loretta said...

I couldn't think of anything more lovely to make or receive. I'm intrigued about making some of these beauties myself.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I would love to know how to make them?!? They would make wonderful gifts for so many people.