Thursday, June 13, 2013

Inspired by Writers

Recently, I’ve been getting acquainted with creative people online. When I’m teaching school all year, I am focused on my students and their progress in the classroom.  What I need most on my downtime is way to fill my well and in order to do that I  like to be with others who are expressing themselves either through writing or their artwork.  Two of the most inspiring ladies I’ve encountered recently are Susan Kennedy (aka SARK) and Cynthia Morris.

 Both of these talented women are writers. “Why not artists?” you ask. Because Susan and Cynthia accent their work with images, I felt I could learn more about written expression and its impact on my drawings and mixed media pieces. But what I respond to personally is how they share the process of discovering what it takes to live a life fulfilling their desires whether it be publishing a book or traveling to Paris.

 Susan has published many vibrantly illustrated books about creativity, transformation and overcoming obstacles. I have bought every book she’s written but when I started the online course she hosts, I realized that I had none of her books in my home because I’ve given them all away. That’s how much I like what she writes and draws! 

Cynthia has just published  novel about a writer who time travels back to Paris in 1937. The book is a fun summer read, but what ignites my interest is that the author has documented online her travels to Paris which include glimpses inside her sketchbook and great advice for cultivating creativity (such as yoga postures!).

Though I haven’t met either one in person, (yet!), I wanted to share that they’re great role models for creative expression and marketing their talents. I, myself, haven’t found my niche in that regard but I know I’m open to all possibilities.

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Cynthia Morris said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, Sharon! I am honored to be included with SARK here.

To our most creative joys,