Friday, May 31, 2013

How I'm spending my summer vacation (just the beginning)

Now that school has let out, I am taking time for "professional development"

I'm not one to sit around idly (though the house could use some cleaning), I've signed up for an online class. It's not an art technique class, more of a creativity/motivational course. Though it's geared for writers, I am still getting a lot out of it. 

Who knows you may see more writing on my blog. The experts say that bloggers need to tell stories; mostly I've been letting the artwork "talk".  

Another project I assigned myself is to follow along in Veronica Lawlor's book, One Drawing A Day. It's a 6 week "course" exploring creativity with illustration and mixed media.

Basically, I need the structure this book provides because if I tell myself to draw everyday I end up getting distracted. (It's guilt over not cleaning the house)

So by having a book (I bought the Kindle version), I am motivated to do each day's assignment.

Here's the progress for the first two days:

(Click pic for larger view)

To see updates from my One Drawing A Day sketchbook just click  My Istagram icon on the right as I will be posting the drawings there.

or here's the direct link of you don't see an icon

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