Sunday, November 18, 2012

Herb Goddess - a story

She stood tall and dignified on the shelf of the thrift store despite her raggedy attire. The chipped porcelain angels looked up to her for support as they waited for purchase. She assured them there were homes waiting for all of them. To boost their confidence, she folded her hands over her heart and whispered these words, "give us a new beginning and chance to delight others again."

Then one Saturday when the store was busy, she was up and down all over the place. Just when she thought she had a chance to escape her dismal life on the shelf, she was put back in an unfamiliar nook. From her new vantage point she could see the chipped angels were riding in a basket on their way to a new home. For that she was glad.

Hidden on a bookshelf, she kept her hands folded and prayed. There came a gentle touch upon her that moved her to a basket. She rolled around with some fabric, books and tea cups. She was taken to the desk, wrapped in paper and carried far far from the place of second chances.

Once in a new place, she was released from her paper bondage and immediately sniffed the aroma of vegetable broth simmering on the stove. To her delight her prayers were answered.

The gentle touch reached for her and carried her through the screen door. "You belong here," she was told. "You are my Herb Goddess."

The joy! The sound of lively birds! The newly named Herb Goddess is in her garden to keep vigil over the fragrant plants. Her only prayer is that the squirrels leave her alone.

All is well.

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