Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't Eat the Dirt!

I'm so gullible, I ate holy dirt and got an infection. "Holy dirt?"  you wonder. Let me explain…

There's an old sanctuary in Chimayo, New Mexico noted for holy dirt and the site many pilgrims come for healing. The "chef" told me he thought you were supposed to eat the dirt. So the two Hendry Pilgrims make their way there on May 25 and this faithful (but wayward) catholic artL8dy licks some dirt after filling her tin. (not a lot; just about as much sand as you might get in your mouth while turning over on the blanket at the beach.)

That was my first mistake, the second was I forgot to pray. I just kept going until 3 days later an infection developed and I thought I needed another root canal. 

Off I go to the dentist and as I leave the house for my appointment the chef yells out, "Don't tell him you the ate dirt!"

I'm not that stupid. 

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