Thursday, December 01, 2011

ArtL8dY chimes in on O'Keeffe

I'm on a roll here sharing posts about artist's who inspire me. So last night I snuggled under the covers with this new book about Georgia O'Keeffe. The first chapter, titled "Defy", starts out with a quote of hers:
I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do - isn't it enough to just express yourself.
Further into the chapter the author writes:
Few human beings manage to be so resolutely themselves for so much of their lives.

So it's one thing to look at someone's work and decide whether or not you'd want to own it or imitate it or throw it away. It's quite another to actually know the artist and their personality and then decide whether you want a piece of their happiness, success imagination or creativity by owning, imitating or ignoring their work.

It just got me to thinking about how the internet provides a personal glimpse into the life and workings of artists. They tweet, blog and post on Facebook (well most of them do). So how does that impact the way we respond to their artwork? I think it makes a big difference.

Another way an artist impacts how well their work is accepted is through workshops and retreats. They avail themselves to curious and anxious participants who want what they've got and think if they follow the steps, their outcomes will be the same creatively. Ha!

Or if an artist is struck by the gods of gallery glory, they will show their work in prominent places. If it's in this gallery, it has to be great, right?

Rather than rant about my own misgivings about art appreciation, I just want to end with the idea that art is about expression. When we make stuff based on what other people think then we dig ourselves into a deep hole and it can get quite muddy down there.

Back to O'Keeffe….

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