Friday, November 25, 2011

The process of discovery

The focus at e14studio has been on mixing things up and experimenting with new techniques. I've reached a point where I am cautious about imitation versus inspiration. Rather than try and make something finished I am happily discovering new combinations of images and ideas. Today I changed my blogger banner to reflect this.
To that end, I thought I'd publish a few blog posts pertaining to artist's who inspire me, yet I am not trying to re-create their work. The first one is Janet Bolton. I discovered her work in her book titled Patchwork Folk Art. Here is what she has to say about her art making process:
There are two paths that can be followed in picture making. One involves trying to realize a fixed idea. The second relies on spontaneous development, on suddenly seeing, for instance , a new relationship between shape and color and capturing that gift to change your course of direction.

So as I embark on a shift in my creative direction, I invite you along and hope to inspire you to be creative without trying to follow any rules or complete a finished piece. Enjoy the process of discovery.

Here is a link to Janet Bolton's work.

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Wrenaissance Art said...

Love the new self-portrait banner!