Thursday, November 03, 2011

Preview Night @ Int'l Quilt Festival

Last night at the Int'l Quilt Festival was preview night. Those of us who sign up for classes can wander around the miles of exhibition space and vendor booths before the general public. The benefit of is that you don't get trampled on.

I met up with my pal, Tish and we started out viewing the $10,000 prize winner's quilt which was awesome and glittery. It seems that the prevailing theme or motif for this years quilts is dazzlement. (another is "birds"). I was most interested in photographing the artist's quilts and was attracted to the ones that were colorful and had that handmade look to them. I like texture. My radar was on for inspiration and yes, envy as well!

Once Tish got me out of the exhibition area to the vendor's shops, I knew it was going to be dangerou$. It becomes overwhelming to see all the "stuff". From years past, I've learned not to buy on impulse but to have a project already in mind before picking out more fabric or embellishments. (That's not always easy to do.)

The highlight of the night was Mary Fisher's booth. Tish is her #1 fan and Mary graciously agreed to take a picture with her. If you're at all inspired by art or fabric, you absolutely must check out Mary's website and learn about her life story. By the time we got to her booth, I was already running out of gas, but before the festival is over, I must go back. Her drawings for her fabric patterns are on display and I must get a better look.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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