Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Exquisite Ladies"

Quilting has always been a group activity bringing women together to share the task of making something to benefit others. My inspiration comes from the women I meet at Festivals and Quilt Groups. I get energized by sharing ideas and meeting many talented women. To pay tribute to them in my own quirky style, I made this piece borrowing from the juxtaposed imagery of the Surrealist's "exquisite corpse" method to give each character their own playful style.

I submitted this for publication in one of the craft magazines featuring art quilts and received my rejection letter today. I guess it's just not the kind of art quilting that fits in with the popular themes.

But it's true to my style and interest.
I can only please myself!


Claire said...

Hi, sorry - me again! I was just wandering through your blog before bedtime, and saw this. Although I'm sorry you didn't get published with this quilt (I like it!), I am so glad you stayed true to yourself and created something for YOU, in YOUR way. So many people stick with what others like, rather than doing art from the heart (so to speak). If I see one more whimsical sad eyed lady in a big skirt, with long hair, I shall stamp my foot! :)

Helen said...

Hi, sorry about the rejection. Just keep having fun with your stitching and art. We were in the Journal making class and Needlefelting class together in 2011. You shared a give away with me in the journal class and I am the one that won the bag of goodies in the felting class. While getting ready for next week at festival, I came across your blog address on the giveaway. Your journals are great. Love, love the one for Festival 2011. Your etsy items are cute, too. I made a lot of ATCs and one Mug Rug to trade this year. Maybe, we will see each other at Festival.
Check out my blog.
Happy Quilting,