Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 Houston Quilt Festival (part 1)

Let the games begin! The Houston Quilt Festival opens tonight and why aren't I there? Because I spent the last 2 mornings and afternoons there taking classes and if I go tonight I'm sure to spend too much money and buy stuff I don't need!

I wanted to share these colorful inspirations from my 2 Quilt Festival teachers. I really needed to get my creative juices flowing and I did just that. Being surrounded by so many traditional quilters can be intimidating because I can't do piece quilting to save my life. My points don't come together and in the end nothing is straight. But I love fabric and I love to sew. Alisa said she never buys fabric but always makes her own with paints and mixed media. (Imagine the money I could save!) Terrie was generous with supplies because she drove to Houston all the way from Taos (heaven on earth) and brought her quilts so we could get a good look at all her fine details and techniques.

So today I stayed home while the weather was nasty and finished what I started. My kinda day after starting the week off so well. I'm looking forward to the weekend and being able to bring my ideas to the Open Studios area sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.

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Wrenaissance Art said...

Those workshops sound like they were a great way to rev up your creative motor for the winter sewing season! :-)