Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thought Cloth

I picked up some fabric & began stitching when worrisome thoughts just wouldn't let up. I needed something to keep my hands and mind pre-occupied & I came up with a piece that I call a thought cloth.
Instead of the usual art quilts I've been stitching that are made from conventional quilt fabric, I chose some linen and scraps from re-purposed clothes to begin this piece.

Inspired by Jude Hill's article in Quilting Arts magazine titled "Weaving a Cloth Base", I noticed that I liked the wrong side of the fabric because of the faintness of colors. My thoughts weren't very clear, and the vague hint of color and pattern surfaced as I began to let go of my worries and concentrate on each stitch that kept the fabric in place.

I began to feel calmer with the rhythm of the stitches. I wasn't trying to make any particular design.The process lead me along.
I knew I didn't want it to become orderly or rigid. I invited random pieces of fabric and stitches to fill in the spaces. Soon an hour passed and I was immersed in the fabric and feeling more relaxed and surprised by the spontaneity of the piece. There was no plan. Just wanted to see where it can take me.


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

What a lovely way to work through that stuff in your head!

jude said...

nice to see you letting go!

Jacky said...

Carried by the cloth....meditative, therapeutic this cloth making. Soft, subtle colours and fabrics that have many a story themselves.

Lovely of you to share this with us all.

Jacky xox