Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm happy to share my 8 steps to making my little stitched pictures which I call "les petites images cousues" .

  1. As I sort through my fabric stash, I begin with "people" or "animal" novelty prints.

  2. At least one character pops out and "asks me" to cut them out and liberate them from their background. (Can I be honest when I say, sometimes I feel that the work is talking to me?)

  3. Other pieces of fabric are auditioned to accompany my characters. I look for contrasting colors and bold prints. You might choose flowery prints, so it's a matter of personal choice.

  4. I pay attention to color and shape and arrange the pieces on my ironing board as I add fusible web to the fabric.

  5. Once I cut out my pieces and iron them on the background fabric, I may decide to stitch by hand (which I prefer) or sew them with the trusty machine I inherited from my lovely Aunt Pearl. (see banner here)

  6. Out comes the batting and I stitch some more. Nice and slowly.

  7. The last bit of stitching is done when I add the border fabric.

  8. The finished pieces can be displayed as is, placed in a shadow box or in a frame. They really look good when there are several grouped together.

There you have it! Hope you'll be joining me and make your own "les petites images cousues" . Be sure and let me know how yours turned out!!

Here's some inspiration for you:

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Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Thanks for sharing your process! And it's okay to talk to your work (really!).

Snowcatcher said...

Your blog is so unique, and this process sounds like a blast! What a cool and inspiring idea. I may have to try it with some of my critter fabric leftover from parenting days...

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Great steps. Thanks for sharing them. That bird hanger is so cute!