Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The girls have inspired me to make the transition from fabric art quilts to watercolor sketches. I am looking forward to spending a few days in the studio to paint.
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Special shout out to Barbara in Grand Prairie~ Thank you for the atc's. Poly & I will be sending you something back!


Barbara Berkus said...


I received your beautiful, sophiscated Fiber ATC's today. You are so talented. Can you tell me a little about your technique to create the cards, especially the queen of cards. I read one of your blogs from last summer. I immediately ordered the summer issue of Stampington Quilting Arts Magazine due to your mentioning on the blog that one of your quilts was in the issue. I have never seen their Quilting Arts Magaine. You also stated you are in school. What school are you attending and what are you studying?

I created some new ATC's. A few are fiber art and part of my Austin City Limits Series. I have only been doing the ATC's since October and this is my first experience in quilting let alone art quilting. I am working on an applique quilt and patchwork quilt pillow in between my cards.

I am really enjoying what I am doing and as you have mentioned I view the cards as a way to learn different techniques, develop a concept that I can hopefully expand into an Art Quilt.

Anway I clipped your stamp featuring Poly Ester to your post-it and hung it on my desk hutch. Will there be a feature film starring Poly coming soon?

Here is my flickr address if you would like to check out my cards.

Thank you so much for the swap.


Sharon said...


I'm so glad I my ideas and examples inspire you!

My technique for the cards starts with fabric.
My "stash" includes many colorful and whimsical patterns.
I just cut sections of the various fabrics and play with the arrangement until I like what I see. I use some iron on fusing to assemble the pieces and then I randomly stitch over the colors and shapes.

I've had to keep Poly quiet lately because she wants to blab about my latest projects. I'm making holiday ornaments and I don't want her to spoil the surprise for my friends and family. (though it's not like everyone reads this blog!)

You will find the Quilting Arts magazine very inspiring. I encourage you to submit something for publication. They have many challenges and you just never know what might appeal to their aesthetics.

As for school, I am a college professor at Houston Community College. (click on the logo on my blog).

I will check out your cards on Flickr.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.