Saturday, October 04, 2008

Funky Fabric Spools

What I missed the most during the power outage was not being able to use my sewing machine, Aunt Pearl's sewing machine! If you've been visiting my blog, then you not only see that it's in my banner image, but that this sewing machine is one of my most treasured possessions.

I was inspired by Fabric Beads Extravaganza. I was unable to take the workshop, so I just sat down at my machine and played around with my own versions. The question remains, what do I do with them? They look like spools of thread and seem too big to actually be used as "beads". With all the tree branches we have left over after IKE, I can attach them to make funky wall hangings or mobiles. All I know is they're fun to make, I can use up my scraps and gives me something to do while I'm watching TV.


Dawn said...

Those are cool! I think I would use them on one of those twig in a pot decorations that you put decorated Easter eggs on. It would be cute in your sewing room. Then you could decorate it for Easter, Halloween if you wanted, etc... and have the spools on it in between.

Shona Cole said...

very clever! thanks for the email. I am in Magnolia, north of Houston.

lulu said...

thank you for your comments on my site! I cant find another way to mail you but I am delighted to have inspired you to use your sewing machine ;)