Friday, August 22, 2008

More, Bigger and Embellished!

The Goddesses are growing!
They're growing in number and size.
This one has more than doubled in size than the goddesses that are embroidered on the lapel pins. The design is basically the same.
I can make a goddess doll out of her
I can stitch her onto an art quilt or piece of clothing.
I'd like to ask: "Where do you think she would look best? as a Goddess Doll or adorning an Art Quilt?
Let me know with a comment!!


Dianne said...

I rather think the art quilt option, but that's just because I wouldn't want to sew & turn the outline shape! She will be beautiful either way. especially love the flowing hair!

May Terry said...

I think she will look most graceful on an art quilt, though I agree with Dianne that she will look wonderful either way!


aimee said...

received your happy letter and lovely little goodies inside...
thank you!1 xoxo A

tammy vitale said...

oh quilt, absoltuely. What a wonderful design! I'd love to see the finished piece!