Friday, July 11, 2008

Art Journal Pages

I have been journaling in my composition notebook after reading The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I wrote pages of inspirational quotes and affirmations that inspire and encourage me. None of it can be considered visually interesting to share here.

Today I finally took time in the studio to make art journal pages.

I've begun by using the credit card technique I learned from Kelsey to create backgrounds. Next, I searched out images from catalogs of interiors that would suit me. Finally, I used a thin brush dipped in white ink to copy phrases taken from the notes in my composition notebook.

I use "FW" acrylic artists ink for the white letters on my art journal pages. You can use "dip pens" with various nibs or thin cosmetic brushes (my preference).
Click here for ink link

There are 3 pages to share so far.


aimee said...

sharon, i just saw your journal pages on the art journal group. very nice - i like the stark white lettering against that pretty blue.

amy said...

Like your journal pages! What kind of white pen do you use? I am always trying to find another one to use that actually works! :)

Sharon said...

Amy, I just added an update to this post to include the ink-link!

DJ said...

YUMMY journal pages, Sharon!
I love the color combinations; the values make the statement profound.
Create On!

Sharon said...

great journal pages but you made me want to see the ones not showable.....

candy said...

I really enjoyed looking at your journal pages, especially the 'renewal' bed/window. Great collage!