Thursday, June 26, 2008

My last Junky Jewelry Project

Ignore all the times I said "shrink wrap" when I really meant to say shrink plastic.
Here is a picture of the Zettiology stamp I used:


Peg said...

Hi Sharon,

Another cool project! Thanks for sharing. I tried to subscribe to your blog but I just keep getting older entries. Any suggestions?


Sharon said...

Thanks, Peg!
Actually, I don't follow "subscriptions". Instead I mark blogs as my favorites or bookmarks in my browser.
Somehow, the subscription link must have a url of a certain older post instead of just
I'll see if I can find anything out.

Altered Route said...

Wonderful blog and great You Tubing!
Glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous tutorial! I have to go buy some shrink plastic and try this. Thanks for sharing!

lila said...

I enjoyed your video demonstration!

Thanks for sharing!

mermaid musings said...

thank YOU!!!!
i am checking your blog right now (the whole thing) and loving it!!!!
Thank you!