Friday, May 30, 2008


To get Junky Jewelry month off and running, here is a Paris & Poodles fabric inchie I created using the charm from my video. I'll be happy to send it to you. All you have to do is identify whose sewing machine I use (the one illustrated in my banner). I blogged about it awhile ago!


Sharon said...

I don't remember but I went back and looked at the sheer heaven/alcohol transfer method and think that looks very interesting. I may try it like you did with ink jet transfer.

jackie said...

It's....AUNT PEARL's Sewing Machine!!!!

Did I win. ha ha

I love it when we use our family's treasures. I have my family pics on my blog banner.


Sharon said...

Yay! Jackie....
I just visited with Aunt Pearl. She's 93 and doing great.
I'll be sending you the Pais Poodle Inchie as soonas I get your snail mail address.

Megs said...

It's your lovely Aunt Pearl's! I LOVE the watercolor of it too by the way.:)!!! Lately I've been working a lot with Silhouettes on cards & framed artwork :~D!!! This would be a perfect addition :)
Have a great day & happy junk jewelry month!
~megan karetny

Anonymous said...

I hope you still have some items left in your give away. I think it is Aunt Pearl. You do some great work. I love your sense of fun and excitement.

jackieb said...

Yay! I'm the one that won the inchie. She arrived yesterday and is sooo cute. I love the "jewel" on the material. How original. Thanks so much.