Friday, May 16, 2008

Buy/Sell things handmade

More and more ETSY is taking off. There are some great things to buy and sell at this site. Consequently, I've been giving some thought to parting with some of my work and see what happens. I'd like to offer finished pieces (drawings and textile pieces), prints of my drawings, collage sheets or mixed media grab bags. The thing is, I don't know what people are interested in. That's why I'd like to ask my loyal blogging friends who check in here from time to time to please give me any feedback about your ETSY experiences. I'm hoping your comments will get me motivated to take my art making to the next level.

UPDATE Click here for some ETSY comments!

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Sharon said...

Heck, I was looking for your e-mail. Anyway, I came the other day and was going to respond to your querry about etsy. Not that I have much to add, but got inturrupted at work and never made it back. You just gave me a nice reminder with your comment. Thanks,
OK, all I can say about Etsy is that it is now so huge with so many shops. Which is OK and even a good thing I guess. You know Burger King always want to be across from McD's. So, I think it is the pricing that is the hardest. I good while ago, I read some very good essays on the internet about selling your art. I wish I could find them again. Well, the thing that stuck with me was something about the fact that you can always go up on your price and still look good. But it doesn't look that good to go down. In my opinion, it is hard to get started selling because people want to see a history of sales. I have finally accumulated a few sales and feel really good about that. But I did simply refuse to sale anything for 2 or 3 dollars. I just couldn't see messing with stuff for that. Listing is not fun and takes too much time at first. And of all things, I'm not crazy about getting it ready for mailing. I need an assistant. haha
I hope this help with your decision. You know the bottom line is it has to be out there for people to buy it. In my small town, people don't even know what mixed media is and are really baffeled about butterflies on the art. I'm sure I could go on and on but I'm not sure if I helping at all.