Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My First Blog Giveaway!

Here in the studio there are snips of red thread, pink and scarlet buttons, fiber and fringe and a grab bag of material being shaped into fabric pins. I'm sending them out to all my art pals and I have an extra one for my first blog giveaway. If you leave a comment here I will have a random drawing in a week on February 5th. Be sure to leave your contact information so I can reach you to send the pin in time for February 14th.

And, here's another giveaway opportunity for a chance to get a copy of the book Art from the Heart. Go to Catherine's blog..


Catherine said...

THank you so much for visiting....and thanks for posting the link to the sheer heaven transfer video - now I can't wait to use mine!!

Good LUCK in the drawing, and I love your hearts! THEY are beautiful!

StegArt said...

Hi Sharon...thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so glad you did, now I can enter your drawing. Off to check out your blog now!

TxScrapAddict said...

Sharon your work is beautiful. I have got to learn more about the alcohol image transfers, I'm enchanted!!!!!! I'm putting a link to your blog in my favorites!!!!!

Vicki Flinchum

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for a chance to win
The transfer method below sounds interesting
Thanks for that also

Marci said...

Thank you for posting the ink jet alcohol image transfer. I will try this in my technique book soon.
Your Valentine's Day hearts are lovely.

Angela said...

ohoh, count me in!

I came here to look at your transfer technique (yahoo AB group)


Melissa said...

So beautiful! Please enter me in your drawing, thanks! :)

JeanM said...

Thank you for sharing the transfer method. I also would love to enter the drawing.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Sharon - your blog is beautiful! I'd love to be entered in the draw!!

crazydaisy said...

ooh, I'd love to win this! Tiffany

karishma said...

Those heart pins are lovely. Crossing my fingers that I end up with one :)

Wabbit said...

Thanks for sharing that the alcohol technique works with transparency film. I'm off to try it in a sec!

The heart pins look great. I'd love to win one!

Anonymous said...

Wow... just squeaked in on this one! Please enter me in the drawing!!!